VidaToneThe first rock-tet to take degree is threesome Constant Killer. Lead singer/songwriter Greer Turner is a small, unassuming guitarist whose sweet vocals meet in stark contrast to her heavy, grunge-stimulated guitar rifts. Bassist Tyler Kuulberg’s hair is distractingly desirable, but his musical potential compliments Turner’s in such a manner the 2 are like hair gel. What’s extraordinary about this pair is that they’re no longer the dancing kinds. They stand planted firmly at the back of their instruments and permit the track do the rest. The group additionally benefit from the assist of drummer Pete McKew, who smashes his package like he manner it. Their set includes with it a comforting angst but is likewise completely uncooked and clean. Favourite tracks of the night consist of “Runaround”, which the organization play a whole lot faster when they’re performing it stay.

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